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Pet Stylist, Groomer, and Small Business Owner in Roseburg, OR

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As a groomer of 16 years, I believe that every pet is unique, I strive to tailor My grooming to meet the specific needs of each individual pet. I promise to always work closely with pet owners and the pets to ensure that I understand your pet's needs, temperament, preferences, and any health concerns you may have. I understand that grooming is an essential part of caring for your pets and it can help keep your pets healthy and happy.

I offer a personalized approach to grooming, as grooming is an experience, and since each pet is different I like to ensure that each pet trusted in my care, receives the best EXPERIENCE, care and attention that they deserve!

I take an approach of understanding when it comes to each pet that may be anxious or be fearful of the grooming process, with time and consistent grooming I can change that fear and anxiety into a happy and fun experience for your pets!

Certifications -

CPR and Pet safety Certificate - Barkleigh productions - Issued October 2023

Brusher - Bather Certificate - Barkleigh Productions - Teri DiMarino - Issued Mar 2023

Coat Types Certification - Barkleigh Productions - Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins - Issued Mar 2023

Advanced Skin and Coat Certification - Dr. Cliff faver and Barkleigh - Issued Apr 2022

Brachycephalic Breeds Safety Certification Barkleigh Productions - Issued Apr 2022

AKC Golden Retriever -The American kennel club - Issued Jan 2022

Business Compliance Certificate - Barkleigh Productions - Issued Jan 2022

Short Legged Terrier Certification -Groomers choice - Jay Scruggs & Sue Zecco - Issued Jul 2021

Poodle Grooming Certification - Groomers Choice - Jay Scruggs & Sue Zecco - Issued Mar 2021

Hair and Skin Certification - Dr. Cliff Faver and Barkleigh - Issued Dec 2020

AKC Scissored Terrier - The American kennel club - Issued Sep 2020

CPR & Pet Safety Certification - American Red Cross - Issued Apr 2020

Continued education certificate - Hershey groom expo - Issued Sep 2014

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